The Tyvek Solution for Wristband Creation

Australian owned-and-operated wristband creators are increasingly using Tyvek for their wristband creations. The non-toxic material is made resistant and durable so it will last for the duration of an event without worries. The solution offers many benefits to creators and wearers alike.


Many event-goers get paper-thin wristbands placed on their arms. If it rains, the wristband is quick to get wet and ruined. The Tyvek material prevents this from happening since it is water-resistant. No rain will dampen the event due to torn-apart wristbands.

Printable Designs

Although Tyvek material is thicker than printable paper, it is still a printable option. Companies can choose to have their logos or company names printed on the bands to be used at their next event. It helps add a level of security, as only those with a company-issued band can get inside the event. No one can purchase generic bands and sneak their way inside.

Two Sizes

Paper-made wristbands typically come in a one-size-fits-all sizing. Tyvek is made in two different sizes. There are two width options, a 19mm and a 25mm, ensuring any size wrist can fit securely within the band.

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Variety of Color Patterns

The variety of color patterns allow event hosts to offer different wristbands for different guests. Children can receive one while adults receive another, for example. The extensive options provide solutions to any event host looking for versatility from their wristbands.

Tamper-Evident Security Seal

A tamper-evident security seal prevents people from ripping off the wristband easily and allowing someone else to use theirs. This prevents theft and fraud while at an event. The seal will tear once it gets removed, never allowing it to form back together and be reused. The safety measures come in handy for event hosts hoping to prevent the misuse of wristbands.

Other Tyvek Options

Wristbands are not the only things that can get made out of Tyvek. The material is a valid solution for other custom products as well. Lanyards, lanyard accessories, upper arm ID holders, and even ticket wallets can be created in this material. The water-resistant and non-toxic option provides a solution for many situations.

The Visit here, an Australian-based business, uses Tyvek wristbands. The company sees these many benefits on a regular basis thanks to their ability to see how advantageous the material is for creating products. Click here to read more about Tyvek Wristbands and how they can benefit your business as well.

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